Brendan looking at Morgan with Dorothy in the background.

It's all about the "Money, Money, Money" as E! premieres New Money and fan favourite #RichKids of Beverly Hills Season 3 this June.

Reality television on E! is set to dazzle in June, with the launch of New Money and the return of #RichKids of Beverley Hills Season 3 only on DStv Channel 124.
New Money airs on E! from Friday, 5 June at 20:00, and will take you inside the outrageous world of New Money millionaires to see just how they spend their fortunes. In the launch week’s episode we’ll be introduced to New "Techno" Money, New "Boy Toy" Money, and New "Gambling" Money.

So get ready for an exclusive look at the outrageous world of this generation’s self-made millionaires when E! transports you behind the scenes and into the lives of modern men and women who acquired their wealth in a variety of inventive ways. From entrepreneurs and stock traders to internet authors and gambling stars, discover how these individuals made their fortunes, and enjoy the fast cars, big houses and expensive holidays they spend their "new money" on. 

With each show delving into the world of the Nouveau riche, E! will take you into the fascinating world of New "Muscle". "Euro Pop" and "Starlet" money, among others. Get your fix only on E!, DStv Channel 124 from 5 June at 20:00.

Just in time for the newest Emoji update, the #RichKids of Beverly Hills are back with more growing pains within life-long friendships, jaw-dropping travels with no need for a filter, Instagramable fashions, <3 worthy moments, and of course plenty more OMFG drama to SMH at.  Premiering on 7 June at 21:00 on DStv 124, the eight new episodes of Season 3 extend to an hour, allowing E! cameras to delve deeper into the #RichKids world where some relationships between the socialites are growing stronger, while buried resentments are beginning to surface among others. 

This season, EJ Johnson, son of Magic Johnson brings a new friend into the group of frenemies causing quite a commotion in the hills.  Musician and entrepreneur Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, daughter of entertainment megastar David Hasselhoff, joins the cast and somehow breaks into the impenetrable group of 20-somethings who have been tightknit for well over a decade.  However, rich just got real as new friends bring up old grudges and clear lines are drawn in the sands of Malibu when sides are chosen. One thing is clear; this selfie stick isn’t long enough to get all of us.  #CroppedOut.

Not everyone this season is flirting with defriendship, as Brendan decides to surprise Morgan with a proposal.  From picking out the ring and an elaborate hoax to get her to the right place at the right time, to asking her parents’ for their daughter’s hand and many, many breathing exercises before the big moment, E! captures every moment leading up to Brendan popping the big question.  Each tear-worthy moment is not to miss, as viewers join one of reality TV’s most endearing odd couples on the next spray-tanned leg of their journey.  #Brorgan

Don’t miss the all-new season of #RichKids of Beverly Hills premiering on Sundays at 21:00 from 7 June, and moving to 20:00 from 21 June only DStv Channel 124, E!