Silhouette of Riaan Manser against blue water with jellyfish

Everyone dreams of the perfect honeymoon…but is that dream the same for everyone? Watch Riaan Manser: Pacific Honeymoon on Discovery Channel (DStv channel 121) to see the adventure of Riaan and his wife.

Everyone dreams of the perfect honeymoon – picturesque beaches, sunny skies, and clear waters. And that brings to mind relaxation and romance.

However, this is not the case for pioneering explorer, Riaan Manser and his wife, as adventure is always the name of the game for them, especially when planning their unusual honeymoon in the new series, Pacific Honeymoon.

Be part of Riaan and Vasti’s adventure on the new series of Riaan Manser: Pacific Honeymoon on Discovery Channel (DStv Channel 121) from Tuesday, 12 December at 20:00, to see if their relationship is tough enough to survive the unknown waters.

Watch Riaan and Vasti describe their experience:


Riaan proposed to his girlfriend Vasti, on arrival in New York City after rowing the Atlantic Ocean. The adventures of their new life as husband and wife began as the duo chose to row the Pacific Ocean for their honeymoon. Starting in California’s Monterey Bay, the couple navigated the treacherous waters to Honolulu in Hawaii, breaking three world records after completing the 4 023km journey in just 39 days. Their journey is a test of physical and emotional strength, on not only their bodies, but their relationship too.

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