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Artwork for Alien Covenant on BoxOffice

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What's the deal with Alien Covenant?
A crew ship is searching for a better life as they go on a colonisation mission aboard the Covenant to a remote island where they find natural resources that can support human life. It’s serene and beautiful but it’s nothing as it seems on this island as they discover that their not alone and then the terror starts as alien life threatens to wipe them out.

Look out for these cast members:
Michael Fassbender as David. You may have seen him in 300, a few of the X-Men movies like Apocalypse, Days of Future Past and others, 12 Years a Slave and Steve Jobs amongst others. 

Katherne Waterson as Janet, you may have seen her on Harry Potter, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her

Others: Billy Crudup, Danny McBride 

The film is directed by Ridley Scott who’s works include Gladiator, The Martian and Alien amongst others.