Regular Show on Cartoon Network

We're hyped for the new episodes of Regular Show on Cartoon Network! So much so that we're bringing you so fun facts to celebrate the news.

With brand new episodes of Regular Show coming your way from Friday 20 July at 15:35 on Cartoon Network and streaming on DStv Now, it seems the perfect time to have a look at some fun facts around the show.

We bet your kids are always hooked to the TV screen (or phone screen when on the go) when Regular Show is on, but did you know any of the below? Let's share some fun FYIs and Did-You-Knows about the wacky and fun cartoon series. 

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- Does the show give you Adventure Time vibes? Well, you'd be interested to know that Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel was actually friends with the creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward, when they were both in university. How cool?

- You may have not noticed this but the only character with a shadow on the show is High Five Ghost. 

- Star Wars fans may have noticed that the voice of Skips sounds a little familiar - it's Mark Hamill, otherwise known as Luke Skywalker!

- The original title for the show was Normal Show then it was changed to what we know today, Regular Show

- Regular Show and Adventure Time are the only shows to be renewed by Cartoon Network past six season - what a feat!

- A good handful of the episodes pay homage to 80s television series and films. 

Watch Regular Show from Friday 20 July at 15:35 on Cartoon Network and streaming on DStv Now