Characters from Regal Academy.

It's a new year bringing a new season of Regal Academy - let's refresh our memories on the students of Ragal Academy.

Magic, mystery and fun are the key focus in Regal Academy S2 starting on Monday 12 January at 18:30 on NickToons and streaming on DStv Now. Need a refresher course on who’s who? Don’t worry, we’re going to school you on all things Regal Academy.

Before we head to class, check out our selection of kids’ series and movies to not miss including Regal Academy – created by Iginio Straffi, the man behind Winx Club!

Rose Cinderella

With a cute catch phrase of ‘pumpkin Seeds!” Rose is absolutely adorable as well as powerful – she just needs to harness her pumpkin magic a bit more. She is a huge fashion fan with a total love for shoes.

Astoria Rapunzel

As Regal Academy’s resident bookworm, Astoria is the students’ go-to to find out anything and everything. With a dream to become Regal Academy’s headmistress and a distaste towards negative views on her school work, it will be interesting to see what season 2 brings.

Joy LeFrog

Just like her name, Joy is all about the creepy crawlies! She lives up to her first name too by being supportive and sweet to her friends all the time. She had her song debut in season one with her song That's the Way We Are – we’re hoping for more from her in season 2!

Hawk SnowWhite

Hawk is beyond brave which can sometimes lead him and the team in danger, but he always means well. He is always on the lookout to help damsels in distress and has a smile that can stop anyone in their tracks.

Travis Beast

From being a sensitive artist to a literal powerful beast, there’s more to Travis than meets the eye. Will season 2 find him the inspiration to create the creative masterpiece he wishes for?

LingLing IronFan

LingLing is completely clueless on fashion and romance but she knows how to kick butt as a warrior! Expect to find out more about the mysterious LingLing in season 2.

Watch Regal Academy S2 starting on Monday 12 January at 18:30 on NickToons and streaming on DStv Now.Visit our kids series and movies playlist for even more!