Rick Grimes on the FOX show The Walking Dead

Tonight is the night – a 90 minute finale of The Walking Dead on FOX.

When The Walking Dead returned to our screens in February, we were still upset that Beth had been killed, just as she was about to be reunited with her sister and the rest of the survivors.

And just as we started to deal with her death, The Walking Dead dealt us another blow – the death of Tyreese, in the first episode!

Have we not shed enough tears every time one of the survivors gets killed off?

Here is our recap of The Walking Dead, season 5B.

Best episode:
This episode was so unlike any other episode of The Walking Dead we’ve ever seen – a party in the middle of zombie-land, it almost felt like real life.

When Deanna invited Rick and the rest of the survivors to a party to meet the rest of the Alexandria community, it fell so surreal.

Here, in the middle of danger and fear, were a group of survivors, drinking champagne, eating Carol’s amazing brownies and talking about life and dinner parties, like all was right with the world.

Of course, Sasha freaked out and Carol was scheming behind closed doors, but it was good to see the survivors relax even if just for a little while. They needed some happiness and even normality, after everything they’ve been through.

Worst episode:
We have never seen Rick and the rest of the survivors this despondent before! They were still en route to Washington DC, but had no transport, which means their journey was on foot. They had no water or food, and it was clear they were baking in the sun.

Every few hours, it would seem like they realised they were surrounded by walkers, and Sasha or Michonne would just chop off their heads.

We felt so sorry for the group, that all we wanted was for them to be fed and get some shelter.

Luckily, relief came after Sasha killed a few dogs that were about to pounce on them, with Rick preparing the dog meat for dinner. And soon the heavens opened as it poured down on them, giving us hope that the survivors will make it after all.

Best quote:
"We’ll make it work. If they can’t make it, then we’ll just take this place" – Rick talking to Carol about Alexandria

Best character:
Glenn has definitely become one of our favourite characters over the past few seasons – he’s become stronger emotionally and physically and knows what’s important.

And even though he’s hoping for the best and wants their bad situation to end, he’s grateful for Alexandria, and won’t want to ruin the security it’s brought to the group. And if this involves telling Rick that he doesn’t agree with his decisions, then so be it.

Special mention must go to Aaron – we’ve known him for a very short time, but he seems to have bonded well with Daryl, and we all know how tough and  guarded Daryl can be.

Biggest shock:
After everything the survivors have done for Gabriel (the Reverend), we weren’t prepared for him snitching on Rick and the gang.

How dare he go to Deanna and tell her they can’t be trusted? How dare he!

Luckily, Maggie overheard the conversation, giving the group a heads up. But how will they deal with this betrayal?

And honestly, we’re a bit scared of how Rick will react when he finds out. After last week’s blow out with Pete, it’s clear Rick loves getting blood on his hands, protecting those he cares for.

But what’s next for Rick and the survivors? Will Deanna evict them from Alexandria? Will they get their weapons back and fight for their freedom? There’s only one way to find out – tonight’s 90 minute season finale of The Walking Dead.

Make sure you tune in to FOX at 21:20 CAT tonight, 30 March, for the drama (which we’re sure will be filled with lots of blood and gore) and gripping entertainment.