Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Action-packed movie Bad Boys follows Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and Mike (Will Smith) as they try to figure out where some confiscated herion has disappearred to. See how it all goes down on Friday 20 May at 20:00 on Studio Universal. 

But before you get stuck in the action, we thought we'd share some of the reason we enjoy this movie:

The relationship between the cops and their captain:
Marcus and Mike have a love-hate relationship with their captain who will stop at nothing to get the criminals. The captain is not afraid to tell them exactly where to get off but there’s always some lip from Mike and Marcus, which is funny to watch.

Keeping up appearances:
In a cruel twist of fate, Marcus has to take on a completely different persona in order to keep the state witness on their side. This has hilarious consequences. 

The silly arguments:
Mike and Marcus are great at making it seem as though they are in a heated argument. Whenever they find themselves in a jam, this becomes their go-to escape manoeuvre. Works every time.

The catch phrases:
It may be an action-filled movie but it still delivers on those unforgettable punchlines.

The most obvious reason:
Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatchugondo, whatchugondo when they come for you.” They are the ultimate bad boys who, despite everything, get the job done and share a special brotherly bond. 


Watch Bad Boys on Friday 20 May at 20:00 on Studio Universal.