Ramsey Nouah at a film event in Rwanda.

Nollywood ace Ramsey Nouah to film a collaborative rom-com between Rwanda and Nigeria.

The renowned Nigerian movie star Ramsey Nouah's affinity for Rwanda has propelled him to produce a movie for Rwandans and the world - a movie he says will be in the minds of Rwandans for generations.

Since stepping on the Rwandan soil in 2013 in a Kwita Izina event organised by the Rwanda Development Board, Ramsey has not looked back but steered himself, with help from some leaders in the country, to carry out film projects in Rwanda. He has already managed to train actors, producers, script writers and directors, urging them to give a professional touch to their work.

He is currently campaigning to raise more funds for a romantic comedy movie, brewed in a Rwandan pot, which he wants to film in Rwanda and Nigeria. The movie whose estimated budget is $1.5 Million aims to showcase Rwanda to the world, attract investors and also give the world a new picture of the country, brushing aside stereotypes.

In an exclusive interview with him, when asked about any similarities between Rwanda and Nigeria, he replied: "No! Rwandans are laid back and conservative but Nigerians are spontaneous and live in a fast forward mode."

Ramsey also loves the beauty, cleanliness and security in Rwanda. Not to mention his love for pilau "'flavoured, spiced rice" and brochette when he is in Kigali.

Recalling his past and current life, Ramsey tends to encourage people to pursue their passion with excellence. In our long interview, he emphasised the need for self-confidence, be a go-getter!

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