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Exclusive offer - upgrade/reconnect to DStv Compact today and save R90 each month!

R295 Special Offer 

Exclusive Offer – Upgrade/Reconnect to DStv Compact today and save R90 each month!

About this deal                 

We know how much you love DStv and we’re giving you another reason to enjoy it even more!

It’s so easy... make the move to DStv Compact from Saturday 1 September and stay connected until Sunday 31 March 2019 - you’ll pay only R295 each month - that’s a saving of R90 each month!

You’ll get access to more HD channels, more of the best in local entertainment as well as international soccer and more.  You can check the full list of DStv Compact channels here.

What are you waiting for?  Save by making the move today and let us treat you to these channels and more.

Mzansi Magic (161)  
M-Net City (115) 
Vuzu (116)
Fox HD (125)
BET International (129)
National Geographic (181)
SuperSport 3 (203) & SuperSport 4 (204)
Disney XD (304)
MTV Base (322)
Trace Urban (325)

Who can get this special offer?
This special is open to DStv Family & Access customers. 
1. Disconnected Compact customers – reconnect to Compact and get a discount of R90
2. Identified active DStv Family & Access customers – upgrade to Compact and get it at a discount

What’s the catch?
No catch. Once you’ve received the offer, all you need to do is upgrade to DStv Compact between now, stay connected - and you’ll get the special price of only R295 per month! (Offer starts 1 September 2018 and ends 31 March 2019 after which, DStv Compact returns to R385 per month). If you disconnect or change package at any time during this period, you’ll no longer be able to get DStv Compact at this special price.

How do I upgrade?
- SMS "save" to 31068  
- We’ll call you back to arrange your upgrade to DStv Compact and let you know how much to pay
- Make payment using any of our convenient options
- Login to My DStv on our website or DStv Now (if you’re using your mobile phone). You need to be registered before you can do this (link to register)
- Select to Upgrade to DStv Compact
- We’ll show you how much to pay
- Make payment using any of our convenient options 

Don’t forget – you must STAY connected to qualify for this special price!

If I have XtraView or a PVR, do I still need to pay the Access Fee?
Yes, you do. The Access Fee remains at R90 each month.

What happens if I get disconnected/ don’t make payment between upgrading and the end of September?
We do hope you’ll stay connected, however if you miss a payment or change to another package, you’ll automatically lose the benefit and will miss out on this special price for DStv Compact. 

What happens if I get charged the incorrect amount for DStv Compact?
Simply contact us via Facebook, Twitter, email help@dstv.com or our call centre and our team will be able to help you. 

My friend has it, how do I get it?
This offer is only available to Family and Access customers. Keep an eye out for special offers and don’t forget to check our website for competitions that you can enter.