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Should you watch fiery or nice?

It's the holiday season and everyone is finally winding down.There's nothing better than a good movie to get the relaxing started and with the Power of Great Entertainment on DStv Premium, you're spoilt for choice! But which movie should you be spending your precious holiday time on?

Whether you're moulding into your couch for a day of complete vegetation with your DStv Explora or you're in the back of the car on the way to your holiday destination with the DStv Now app on your smart device, DStv has got you covered.

Take the quiz below to see which movie is your perfect match!



You can catch Hotel Transylvania 2 on M-Net Movies Smiles (105) on 24 December at 19:30 and Love the Coopers at 20:05 on M-Net (101) on 25 December. You can also rent Bad Moms and Suicide Squad on BoxOffice.