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DStv, TVSeries, Penny Dreadful

Which character will you be paired with? Take the quiz to find out.

Married at First Sight Season 3 hits our screens on Fridays at 20:50 on Lifetime (131), premiering on 29 July.

With this in mind, who do you think you'd meet at the end of the isle if you signed up? 

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There are so many good catches on DStv Premium. Be matched with the best and take the quiz to see which character you'd be paired with:



Zoo (Fridays on M-Net 101 at 20:30 and on DStv Catch Up)

Penny Dreadful (Mondays on M-Net Edge 102 at 22:00 and on DStv Catch Up)

Containment (Wednesdays on M-Net 101 at 21:30 and on DStv Catch Up)

The Originals (Thursdays on VUZU AMP at 21:30 and on DStv Catch Up)

UnREAL (Thursdays on Lifetime 131 at 20:00 and on DStv Catch Up)

New Girl (DStv Catch Up)