Kay-Leigh and Wesley, married, wedding, Married at First Sight SA

Kay-Leigh spills the beans.

Married at First Sight SA has already got us hooked to see if things will flourish or diminish and how it will all hit the fan!

In the second episode, we witnessed six individuals come together in pairs and say their vows, after meeting for the very first time right at the altar. If that's not crazy, I don't know what is!

Among the three couples that married at first sight were Kay-Leigh and Wesley.


Financial share trading compliance officer from Centurion Wesley Richard Collocott, 30, loves riding his motorbike, travelling and spending time with his friends and family. 

Kay-Leigh Els, 30, is a project co-ordinator from Fourways and an avid animal lover and SPCA volunteer. Kay-Leigh also enjoys reading and spending time with her family and friends. 


The two were paired up by the professionals and vowed (literally) to give this all they've got.


We interviewed Kay-Leigh to see how she felt about the whole thing! Check it out: