Actor Erik Hayser plays Daniel on Love & Justice

Erik Hayser potrays Daniel Ponce in For Love & Justice on Telemundo.

For Love & Justice is a new telenovela starting on Monday, 10 August at 18:00 on Telemundo and with drama, love and intrigue, you won't want to miss out.

Erik Hayser plays Daniel Ponce, a troubled policeman caught between seeking justice for his brother and being in love with the woman he suspects of committing the murder.

In a recent interview, Hayser shared his experience on the show. 

When talking about his character's personal struggles, Hayser explained that he related to Daniel's desire for justice. "I can truly say, as a Mexican citizen, we wish to have the peaceful country where I grew up. For me, Daniel is a model of how justice has to operate in Latin America," he said.

The cast of For Love & Justice on Telemundo

But the pursuit of justice comes at a price and Daniel pays dearly. His quest wreacks havoc on his emotions and makes him, according to Hayser, a rather sad character to play.

"It was a great challenge for me to play the character because he constantly struggles with his past, his loneliness and the loss of his loved ones. I had to work with negative emotions for many months. So, by the end of the filming process I was truly exhausted. But, I was also very pleased to have gotten the opportunity to build up a deep and human character," he said.

Even though he plays such an emotionally exhausting character, Hayser said the highlight for him was "the way Daniel struggles with his own demons and how these difficult moments make him grow into a better man".

So why should we watch For Love & Justice? Because it is pure entertainment and it also makes you think about the world we live in, well, that's according to the leading man himself. As for what he watches to relax, he said he really enjoys watching TV series and independent movies.

Don't forget to tune into For Love & Justice on Monday, 10 August at 18:00 on Telemundo.