For DStv Extra and Compact customers.

Premium festive offer FAQs

Can I upgrade to DStv Premium now, or do I have to wait for my next payment date?

You can upgrade to DStv Premium now, or schedule the upgrade for your next payment date. Should you wish to upgrade now, you’ll pay a pro rata amount on your next payment date as well as the discounted monthly subscription of R599. This will be deducted on your next payment date. You’ll then pay R599 in January 2017.



Does this price include the R85 Access Fee?

No, this only includes the discounted monthly subscription fee of R599 (usual price is R759). The R85 Access Fee will need to be paid in addition to the subscription fee.



What other restrictions / catches are there?

You must have been a DStv Compact or Extra customer, with an Explora, as at 22 November 2016. You also have to take up the offer by 31 Dec 2016.


I have two DStv Compact subscriptions under one account and both are on an Explora, do both subscriptions qualify for the discount?



Is it only my Explora subscription that qualifies for the discount? I view DStv Compact on an Explora and I also view it on my single view decoder?

It is the account linked to the Explora that qualifies for the discount – if the single view decoder is connected to the Explora via XtraView (and is under one account), the discount will automatically apply.


I bought my Explora after 22 November – do I also qualify for the discount?

The discount applies to DStv Compact and Extra customers with an Explora as at 22 November 2016, which means you will not qualify.


About DStv Premium services


Where do I find out about the channels available on DStv Premium? Can you send me a DStv Premium magazine?

You can access our Series, Movies and Catch Up calendar, as well as a 14-day TV guide. There is also a digital version of the DStv Premium magazine available here.

You can also subscribe to the DStv Premium email newsletter or use the DStv Now app to access and search the TV Guide. And of course, your Explora’s TV Guide and search function is also available.


Apart from the DStv Premium channels, what other services will I get access to?

When you upgrade, you will get access to the following DStv Premium-only services:


How do I know what is supposed to be on Catch Up now that I’m on DStv Premium?

You can plan your viewing using the  DStv Catch Up Up calendar.


All the Catch Up content is not there yet – what do I do?

It may take some time for Catch Up content to download.  Please give it at least 48-72 hours. Remember, you will also only get the Catch Up content from the day you upgrade – and won’t get episodes from previous weeks.


If I record shows during my time of upgrade, will I be able to watch it later?

Yes, any recordings on your Playlist will stay there until you delete them. Your Catch Up will go back to the Catch Up relevant to the package you are on at the time.


I’ve not connected my Explora to the internet before, how do I go about doing that?

Click here for steps on how to connect your DStv Explora to the internet.


How do I use Catch Up Plus?


There is a Catch Up Plus calendar available here

You can also refer to the connect your DStv Explora info above.


If I’ve now upgraded to DStv Premium, does that mean I can now access DStv Now?

Yes, you’ll be able to access DStv Now online or through the App to stream live television channels, as well as watch or download Catch Up content to your tablet or smartphone. You’ll also be able to stream from the SuperSport site online or through their app.

Find out more about the app here. You can also download the app from the app store here.


About other packages


I’m a DStv Premium customer with an Explora – why can’t I get the discount?

This offer will give our DStv Compact and Extra customers with an Explora a taste of the full range of services available to them on their Explora. They will, for the first time, be able to experience Catch Up Plus and the full Catch Up catalogue on their Explora, and access to streaming live TV and downloading Catch Up on DStv Now – services you’ve been enjoying as part of your DStv Premium package.

We offer special deals and open windows to our customers on different packages throughout the year – there will be future special offers to Premium customers only.


I am a DStv Premium customer with an Explora - can I downgrade to Compact and Extra and then upgrade again for that special price?

No, this offer is only for Compact and Extra with an Explora, as at 23 November.