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Joel Lambert takes us into the unknown.

Catch the return of Joel Lambert to Discovery Channel (DStv 121) in the brand new series Predators Up Close with Joel Lambert. In this series the former US Navy SEAL sets to get up close with four of the world’s most dangerous predators – polar bears, lions, great white sharks and spotted hyenas revealing these predators as they have never been seen before.

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With the help of a unique field pod - a specially designed dome - Joel observes and tracks each predator, carries out tests and experiments, and uses his own military training to gain insight into how they track, hunt and kill. While in the visceral viewing station, Joel will observe the strength, power, senses and intelligence of these predators through a series of physical and mental tests. From a bite force meter that tests the power of a lion’s jaw, to a puzzle box to assess hyena intelligence, the science reveals the secrets behind predator power.

Throughout the series, Joel and his team spend up to 24 hours living amongst these majestic predators. Watch as they travel from the arid Zambian bush to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Ocean and the shark-infested waters of our very own South African coast.

In the Arctic, an expedition into a world of 24-hour daylight leads to spectacular polar bear encounters with the pod on thin ice, while in Zambia, tracking lions into long grass proves more dangerous than expected. In South Africa’s False Bay, Joel comes face to face with great white sharks for the first time, and gains valuable scientific insights into their physiology and behaviour. Finally, specially designed intelligence tests are used to establish if hyenas really are among the world’s smartest predators.

This groundbreaking perspective of the world’s most ferocious predators provides beautiful footage and edge-of-your-seat suspense from start to finish. Don’t miss Predators Up Close with Joel Lambert premiering on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) on Thursday, 10 December at 20:00.

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