Group photo for Power Rangers.

More Power! More Ninja Steel! We're excited for some action and fun with Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

The action and adventure are going to be served with Power Rangers Ninja Steel from Saturday 9 December at 11:05 on Cartoon Network and streaming on DStv Now. Expect nothing short of explosive from the new season of suited crime fighters. 

Join the galactic warriors as they go on a quest to unlock and harness the power of the Ninja Power Stars. It's not easy being a masked hero while still being a regular teenager in school. Join the rangers as they balance their lives and make sure the universe is safe!

Before we jump into the action, here's some fun facts you may not know about this season. 

1. Peter Adrian Sudarso plays Blue Ranger and is the younger brother of Yoshi Sudarso who played Koda in Power Rangers Dino Charge. The mighty Power Rangers force runs deep in the family. 

2. This is the fourth series where the Yellow Ranger is played by a male. It's normally a female role. Impress your friends by telling them the male Yellow Rangers can also be spotted in Alien Rangers, Ninja Storm, and Mystic Force.

3. If you've been a part of the Ranger Nation for some time, you may recognise Kelson Henderson (Mick) as a familiar face. He was a regular in Space Patrol Delta, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, and Jungle Fury. While making appearances in Dino Thunder, R.P.M., Megaforce, and Dino Charge. 

4. This is the third Power Rangers series related to NInjas - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993) and Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) were the other two. 

5. There's a chance you may not know that this is the American adaptation of the Japanese series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger - the more you know!

6. We all love Green Ranger Tommy Lee who harnessed the power of the dragon zord - Ninja Steel marks the second time we see the dragon zord. 

Watch Power Rangers Ninja Steel from Saturday 9 December at 11:05 on Cartoon Network and stream on DStv Now