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Presenter of Plaaskombuis, Elma Postma.

Elma Postma, presenter of Plaaskombuis new on VIA (147) , chats about farm visits and shares her unexpected favourite farm food.

Elma Postma, presenter of Plaaskombuis on VIA (147), chats about farm visits and shares her unexpected favourite farm food.

“I think the big difference between farm food and city food is the time that goes into it. In the city you’ll quickly braai a chop on the gas, but on the farm you’ll cook the stew for hours to make it flavoursome, then you’ll serve it with freshly baked farm bread and homemade jam.”

This is how passionately Elma Postma, presenter of Plaaskombuis, feels about farm food. Plaaskombuis, in conjunction with Landbouweekblad, is new on VIA and sees Elma visit many South African farms to share wonderful meals around a communal table.

There is something special about a farm visit. According to Elma it starts with the drive to the farm. “It’s as if you become more peaceful with every kilometer you drive further into nature.”

The smells of the farm (even the manure!) and the hospitality of the people also make for a wonderful experience. “You become part of the earth and the elements around you. You go for a walk in the veld and your hands can get dirty.” Yet the visit always ends in the same place. “Off course the best place to be is around the fire or with a cup of moerkoffie at the kitchen table.”

This idyllic country atmosphere is exactly what Plaaskombuis is all about. “At all the farms we visit, the kitchen is where the stories are told, where the food is made, and where the heart and soul of the farm lives.”

Elma is admittedly fond of farm food. But this city woman’s favourite farm dish may surprise you. “I will go to a lot of trouble for some scrumptious curry afval.” She hasn’t attempted making it herself, but she has her own city compromise. “I make a delicious lamb tomato stew on the stove. It takes about three to four hours to become truly delicious.”

It sounds as if Elma is almost ready to swop her ankle boots for farm boots! “The ideal would be for me to stay on a farm, but also to have a place in the city. With my work it’s impossible to stay on a farm, but I will definitely adapt well on one!”

Even though we can’t all move to a farm, we can at least enjoy the products made there. “If I can get one product straight from the farm for the rest of my life, it would be freshly baked bread and a glass of fresh milk.”

If your mouth isn’t already watering for farm fresh food, then the lifestyle on a farm might tickle your fancy. “Life is much less rushed here. Sometimes it’s nice not to have cellphone reception or not to send that email – it forces you to focus on more important things and to truly take in your surroundings.”

Tune in every Wednesday at 18:30 on VIA (147), switch off your phone and tuck in!