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BBC earth brings us more wonder.

Paul Bradshaw, executive producer for Lands of the Monsoon, chats to us about the remarkable series.

Lands of the Monsoon will premiere on Sunday 18 October at 19:00 BBC earth (184) in HD.

When asked about the monsoon and the pleasures in filming it, Paul said: “There was so much exciting wildlife. Australia has one of the world’s greatest weather systems. It’s remarkable how the bigger system interacts with the stranger small things; it tells a narrative.”

With so many different stories to tell, the series will explore the effects on different animals affected by the monsoon.

“Red flying foxes (fruit bats) have to get water from a billabong by flying low and dipping in their little fluffy tummies, but the crocodiles leap out to feed on them,” said Paul, “we struggled to get this footage because it was at the end of the day with the light very low, and team members had to float on the croc-infested rivers to get the shots. We were thrilled we captured it!”

“It took two years to film and 18 months to put together – we were working right up until the end!” noted Paul. With a dedicated team and a passion to tell a story, Lands of the Monsoon covers stories never seen before, such as the adaptation of the giant red leech.

“20 years ago there was rain guaranteed, but the patterns have changed. Nature has evolved in tandem,” noted Paul. “The giant red leech has evolved to hunting its prey. We managed to film it hunting and killing a 70cm long blue worm.”

After admitting how interesting it was filming, Paul also notes that watching the leech was a somewhat frightening experience. “Seeing endlessly amazing and incredible exotic forms – it wakes you up!”

Lastly, Paul added: “Everyone will take a different message from this but I hope people appreciate how dependent we are on nature.”

Catch the incredible story of Lands of the Monsoon on BBC earth (184) in HD on Sunday 18 October at 19:00.