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Reality getting a bit much? Stream these sci-fi and fantasy series on Showmax now.

These 5 fun fantasy shows prove that sci-fi doesn’t have to be serious. They’re all available to stream or download on Showmax.

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Killjoys, S1

Killjoys hunt dangerous criminals in the worst parts of space on behalf of the Reclamation Apprehension Commission (RAC). No job is too tough or dangerous, not with these three bounty hunters on the job. D’arvin is an elite soldier who’s in the game to help his brother Johnny, who’s the brains of the operation. Dutch is his partner, and she’s a mystery… and a deadly one at that. Watch now »

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Under the Dome, S1-3

One morning, residents of Chester’s Mill, Maine wake up to find their small town covered by a transparent dome. Can they escape before they destroy each other? It’s up to “Barbie”, a visiting war vet, to instill law and order on a town that’s fast descending into something from your scariest post-apocalyptic nightmares. Based on a Stephen King novel, the full boxset is now on Showmax. Watch now »


Star-Crossed, S1

When Emery was six, an alien spacecraft carrying refugees from the planet Atria crash-landed outside her hometown in Louisiana. In the war that followed, all the surviving Atrians were rounded up and put into a refugee camp, including the young boy Emery sheltered from the fighting. Now they’ve both grown up and they’re in high school together - but none of their friends or family want them to get anywhere near each other. Watch now »


The Magicians, S1-2

In Season 1, Quentin Coldwater comes to grips with his magical abilities at Brakebills College while his childhood friend Julia follows a darker path to becoming a magician. In Season 2, which is even creepier than the first season, Julia descends ever deeper into the magical underworld while Quentin and his friends set out to kill the Beast and return to their own world. Watch now »

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Class, FIRST on Showmax

In this BBC spin-off series, we experience the worlds of Dr Who from the perspective of the students at the Coal Hill Academy in London. Only four of the kids, and one of the teachers, knows about the weak spot in the time-space continuum, and it’s up to them to battle the terrifying monsters who are trying to invade the Earth. Class’s eight episodes are just begging to be binged by both Whovians and Dr Who novices alike. Watch now »

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