Let's celebrate the return of Once Upon a Time!

Oncers rejoice, season 7 of Once Upon a Time is hitting your screen on Friday 12 January at 16:45 on M-Net and streaming on DStv Now!

Are you ready to return to the magic and mystery in the OUAT universe? Keep your eyes peeled as season 7 marks the reboot of the series and introduction of new characters including Rapunzel and Cinderella.

OUAT not only has the action and adventure but delivers on the many feels – for more romance driven series, check out our playlist.

As we celebrate the new chapter in the series, we thought it would be ideal to take a walk down memory lane with some OUAT fun facts you may not know.

Fandom names

It’s time to school you in all the correct terms if you plan to be a Oncer in the most magical series fandom around. From Dearies who adore Rumple to EvilRegals that can’t get enough of the Evil Queen otherwise known as Regina, know the official terms for who you support. Even the OTPs (One True Pairing – your ideal character relationships) all have their own nicknames such as CaptainSwan (Emma Swan and Captain Hook).We can't wait for a name for Cinderella and her love interest!

Back to basics

Season one could have played out in an entirely different way changing what we know now. Prince Charming was meant to die in the pilot episode and Captain Hook was meant to make his grand appearance in season one (compared to his introduction in season two).

Clever thinking

You’ve got to hand it to the creators and writers behind OUAT, they’re clever! Many of the character introductions coincide with releases in real life by Disney. Ariel arrived when The Little Mermaid was rereleased on DVD, Cruella for the rerelease of 101 Dalmatians and The Wicked Witch appeared on the anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.

Watch Once Upon a Time S7 on Friday 12 January at 16:45 on M-Net and streaming on DStv Now!

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