An image of Msizi and Zanele who got married on Our Perfect Wedding

Msizi and Zanele learnt to appreciate time and worked hard to make their special day a success.

Our Perfect Wedding couple Msizi and Zanele met by chance and, although Zanele was still in her teens, Msizi’s patience paid off. 

Msizi also had to wait for an intimate relationship because Zanele wasn’t ready.

The couple are hard workers who built their own business from the ground up and they reaped the rewards of their hard work. They have big dreams and saved up to make their wedding day perfect. Catch the full episode the DStv Now  for Android, iOS and  online

The couple worked on time and their wedding went smoothly althought they did have to wait on their wedding day because when they came back from taking pictures, the decor was still being set up due to the tent not going up according to plan. 


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