A scene from Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones always delivers on the drama.

Winter is coming... quite literally! By now we bet you've heard the exciting news of Game of Thrones returning on Monday 13 April at 03:00 CAT on M-Net Edge for a simulcast broadcast! That's right, as the episode airs in the US you can enjoy it too at the exact time back at home! Talk about exciting, right?

In honour of the return of GoT we've decided to look at some favourite - and shocking moments - from throughout the series. We'd love to be able to use our DStv Explora remote to go back to pause a certain scene or replay a confusing bit.

1. We'd love to pause every scene with Daenerys because let's be honest, her braided hairstyles have us a bit envious and we'd like to master such skills.

2. Perhaps we'd fast forward passed that time Daenerys ate that heart because it left us all a bit squirmish.

3. GoT delivers on the gore and when Jamie Lannister lost a hand there were no exceptions. We'd pause, comprehend what just happened and might even rewind the moment to clarify if what our eyes were seeing was correct. GoT sure knows how to leave us feeling the shock factor each and every time!

4. Remember that time Jaime Lannister pushed Bran Stark out of a window in season 1? Yes, it happened. It was slightly unexpected so being able to rewind and witness it unfold again and again would be great!

5. Did Daenerys really walk through fire and come out with three baby dragons? Excuse us as we're still rewinding to confirm this. Can we take a moment to also pause and admire her beautiful hair in all of these happenings?

6. The Mountain versus The Viper fight deserves to be watched a good few times so rewinding would be a handy feature.

7. Thankfully we could pause the show whenever we wanted because when Tyrion killed Tywin it left us speechless as well as full of questions. Where to from here with the throne?

8. Pausing back in season 1 when Ned Stark was executed by Joffrey Baratheon was another must. Yet again GoT delivers on the twists and turns!

Game of Thrones knows how to deliver on the twists, turns and drama each and every time! Thankfully with season 5 you can use your DStv Explora to pause, rewind and much more as the scenes unfold. You can even set a remote recording for when Game of Thrones S5 airs at 03:00 CAT on M-Net Edge just in case you're not much of a morning person. With such an exciting simulcast with the US perhaps getting into the office a little tired would be worth it!