O.J Simpson in court.

On Thursday 15 February at 20:00 Crime and Investigation (DStv Channel 170) and DStv Now airs O.J: Guilty in Vegas.

The documentary looks at the facts surrounding O.J Simpson’s guilty verdict and what transpired in room 1203 at the Palace Station Casino. 

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The disgraced former National Football League (NFL) running back was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1995. He would go on to be convicted of robbery, attempted burglary and kidnapping which saw him sentenced to 33 years in jail in 2008. Simpson was later released December 12, 2017, on parole after serving nine years of his sentence. 

We have compiled a list of facts that will send shivers down your spine concerning the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. 

The kids were at home at the time of the killings

Sydney (eight years old) and Justin (aged five) were upstairs sleeping when their mother was brutally murdered.

The last kiss

It has been reported that O.J Simpson kissed the corpse of his ex-wife at her funeral.

It was a bloodbath of a crime scene

When the two victims' bodies were discovered  hours after their murders, injuries to Goldman included a stab wound to the neck, head and lungs. The murderer slit Nicole’s throat so much that her larynx was clearly visible.

Trained in knife combat

While preparing for a role in Frogmen before the murdersOJ Simpson was trained in knife fighting.

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Watch O.J: Guilty in Vegas Thursday 15 February on Crime and Investigation (DStv Channel 170)  and on DStv Now at 20:00