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Shows you can watch now.

With a world of comedy available out there, it’s sometimes tricky to find your groove and fit into the right shows.

Well, here are the best off-beat comedy shows that you can indulge in if quirky is your thing - binge-watch them on DStv Now and Catch Up.


The Detour (watch on DStv Catch Up)

Follow a family's tale of ironic trouble while they try to take a family trip. Go through the motions that land them in hilarious situations that only Murphy's Law could explain. Live stream the back-to-back episodes on Fridays from 20:00 on M-Net Edge, or watch on DStv Catch Up.


Speechless (watch on DStv Catch Up)

Mother and wife Maya does everything in her power to protect her unique family in this chaotic dramedy. She goes through many of life's hiccups while trying to be the best mother to her three children, Ray, Dylan and JJ (who has speech and mobility challenges). The family sticks together to tackle life and take the bull by the judgemental horns. Watch them Fridays at 18:00 on M-Net or watch now on DStv Catch Up.


Crashing (watch on DStv Catch Up)

Novice stand-up comedian Pete has been married to his childhood sweetheart for as long as he can remember. After his wife leaves him, he has to take a step back and look at his life. See what Pete is up to next on Fridays at 21:40 on M-Net Edge or watch now on DStv Catch Up


Girls (watch on DStv Catch Up)

The reality of being a girl has never been so bare. Follow the lives of four very different 20-something women going through the motions, both the good and hilariously tragic. Watch Season 6 on Fridays at 21:00 on M-Net Edge or watch now on DStv Catch Up.