DStv Now.

Download the DStv Now app and enjoy 2018 FIFA World Cup during load shedding.

Load shedding is the last thing any football fan wants to see in news headlines just as the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off. With a high chance of load shedding over the weekend, be prepared to catch all the matches on SuperSport by downloading the DStv Now app.

Download the DStv Now app

This is the app football fans need on speed dial in case blackouts take out the big screen TV. Watch every game on SuperSport via the DStv Now website or through the DStv Now app for mobiles and tablets, which can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

DStv Premium, Compact or Compact Plus get access to SuperSport on DStv Now and can watch all the games online.

Stock up on data deals

If the power outage also knocks out the Wi-Fi, you’ll need mobile data to stream. Take advantage of these data specials, designed for streaming:

·       Vodacom customers: Go to Vodacom.co.za to find out about the Vodacom Sports Ticket bundles that offer 500MB of data for streaming for only R12.

·       Telkom Mobile customers: Buy Telkom LIT_Video bundles for streaming on DStv Now. 50GB of data for streaming costs only R231. Go to Telkom.co.za for more.

Power up

You’ve got the app, data and you’re ready to go! Now be sure to keep your phone, tablet and laptop fully charged so you’ve got enough juice for the whole match and consider investing in a portable power bank to give your phone an extra power boost.

Stream the FIFA World Cup now