The presenters of Nickelodeon’s Genius.

The 2017 search for south Africa’s young maths and science boffins kicks off in Gauteng.

Tune in to NickToons (308) on Friday 17 February at 14:45 CAT as the electrifying second series of kids quiz Nickelodeon’s Genius hits our screens. Watch in amazement as trios of South Africa’s cleverest kids go head-to-head in pursuit of the prestigious Nickelodeon’s Genius title, with the added incentive of an ABSA Mega-U account, and a visit to NASA headquarters in the USA where they will spend a day hanging out with a real-life astronaut!

These smart kids definitely know their stuff, as they test their mettle against physics, algebra, calculus and life science questions that would leave many adults scratching their heads in puzzlement – participating in quick-fire quizzes and mental challenges in the search for the 2017 Nickelodeon’s Genius winners!

Thousands of kids from around the country entered this season of Nickelodeon’s Genius, but only 16 teams will get through to the final stages including four "wild card" teams. Two qualifying teams from Johannesburg will be revealed during Friday’s broadcast.

Nail-biting and hugely entertaining, Nickelodeon’s Genius will leave you in awe at the brilliance of the contestants. This week’s episodes focuses on the Johannesburg regional heats, as 90 kids aged 11-16 from schools throughout the region gather at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown to take part in the Genius workshop and quiz knockout.

Nickelodeon’s Genius is hosted by Lihle Msimang and Thapelo Hlophe

Says Thapelo: “Every single contestant is very competitive. Every single one of them wants to win, and each of them gives their all. They have all my respect! It’s been an absolute pleasure hosing Nickelodeon’s Genius, and spending time with these brilliant young scientists and mathematicians. Their spirit, their competitiveness and their friendliness makes me realise afresh every day that South African kids are amazing. Just amazing!”

Nickelodeon’s Genius is powered by ABSA MegaU, and supported by the Government’s Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST). The ultimate winners of the contest will receive an amazing prize: a R100 000 ABSA MegaU account for each member of the winning team and an unforgettable visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA - where the winners will eat lunch with a real, live astronaut – and a trip to Universal Studios! The winning schools also receive books and educational material worth R30 000, courtesy of Cambridge Publishing.

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