Latest Sightings billboard.

What does a geek, a genius, twenty-one-hours, the latest Wildlife Sightings and 180 have to do with weather?

What does a geek, a genius, 21 hours, the latest Wildlife Sightings and 180 have to do with weather? They are all new shows launching in July on People’s Weather!

Latest Sightings is a brand new show where you can share in what our fellow South Africans have spotted on their latest wildlife trips. The show comes from a partnership with Latest Sightings (South Africa's biggest YouTube channel) and People's Weather.

Thanks to the brave ones who sit through numerous weather conditions to see and capture those amazing wildlife moments, you can now experience the majesty of the animal kingdom from the comfort of your couch. Viewers can submit their own sightings, and who knows? Maybe your clip will be featured!

Another show launching in July is Geek or Genius. What exactly is gluten? Why do cats purr? What really killed the dinosaurs? Why do we jump in our sleep? We live in a fascinating world, and here at Geek or Genius, we hate not knowing things! Join our hosts on an incredible journey of discovering the world and how things work.

Twenty-one-degrees is the perfect room temperature and 21 hours is the perfect time to snuggle up in front of channel 180 as we launch our documentary hour every Friday night from July because we all know that nature tells the best stories. Documentaries will air every Friday at 21:00 and repeat on the following Sunday at 21:00.

As another cold front approaches us in July make sure you warm up with our exciting new shows only on People’s Weather (180).