The host of Op die Spyskaart Amori Burger.

A new show on DStv aims to find the Gauteng’s most talented cooks.

Johannesburg is bustling with fantastically talented chefs – but not all of them are at the helm of top restaurants. Many of them are not actual chefs either.

A new show on DStv aims to find the Gauteng’s most talented cooks and help their best dishes make it on to the menus of some of Mzansi’s best eateries.

In Op die Spyskaart on VIA (147), two starry-eyed cooks go head-to-head in each episode to see if their dish has got what it takes to make it on to the menus of some of Gauteng’s finest restaurants.

Noted chefs – like Rayno Adlam of The Sands and Michel Morand of Bistro Michel in Sandton – are treated to divine dishes and if their tastebuds approve, our amateur cooks might just see their culinary creations on a menu alongside these chefs’ dishes.

Chef and restauranteur Amori Burger is the show’s presenter and she must guide the would-be-chefs from the kitchen to the chef’s tasting table.

Her number-one piece of advice to the show’s contestants: “Keep it simple and execute it well.”

For her, however, the show isn’t just about seeing the dreams of hopeful cooks being realised. Op die Spyskaart will also give viewers a renewed appreciation for Gauteng’s chefs and restaurants.

“There are so many great chefs in Johannesburg that people haven’t seen yet. These are the chefs who feed Joburg and the restaurants where you can eat everyday – but because they’re not on the Top 10 you won’t necessarily know them,” Amori explains. “If you tune in to Op die Spyskaart you’ll get an idea of their restaurants and the philosophies behind their food.”

New episodes of Op die Spyskaart air every Monday at 16:30.