The host Die Grootste Genoot, Rian van Heerden.

You’ll soon be seeing these Huisgenoot fanatics on Die Grootste Genoot, exclusively on VIA (147).

Huisgenoot is a staple in many of our homes. Not a week goes by without the new issue. It appears on the kitchen table and is passed along between family members and scoured for stories, photos and information. When a celebrity appears on the cover after years away, these fans who’ll notice his weight gain.

You’ll soon be seeing these Huisgenoot fanatics on Die Grootste Genoot. The show is the first of its kind and exclusive to VIA (147).

Of course, such an exciting show also deserves a star presenter and who better than radio personality Rian van Heerden? He will encourage contestants, catch them out and, after many jokes and drama, the ultimate fan will be announced.

Die Grootste Genoot is family entertainment at its best!” says Rian. “The show is both educational and nostalgic with fun being the common denominator.”

Rian is also excited to look back on 100 years of Huisgenoot stories. “I’ve been following the magazine for decades and I started my TV career with Voorblad, a show for Huisgenoot. Naturally there are a few stories that pass you by! I’m looking forward to those.”

Just like the stars that find themselves between the covers of Huisgenoot, Rian also enjoys the limelight often. But is all publicity really good? “I don’t think so. Just imagine what Oscar would’ve answered to that question!”

Rian doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion though. “I can get involved in rather heated debates. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as they thought it through properly. It shouldn’t be an opinion that someone else gave you at a braai.”

His opinions get him in trouble sometimes, but he isn’t too bothered about this. He has a small group of people who know and understand him well and he believes only they can truly comment. “I only worry about what this group of people say,” he says of these special people.

And after a long day on radio, TV and social media, there’s only one way for Rian to relax. “Going out! I enjoy properly blowing off some steam,” he says. His hometown is Pretoria and this is the perfect place for him to do just that. “Pretoria has a restaurant culture that pleases every taste and a student life that keeps all of us young!”

Die Grootste Genoot will have you glued on your couch for a few weeks though. From 22 August to 9 September, Die Grootste Genoot will be broadcast every weekday at 17:30. This means you can look forward to three weeks of Huisgenoot fun with Rian as your king of entertainment.

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