A scene from Love Run or Lust.

Love, Lust or Run, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, The Day I Almost Died and Six Little Mcghees on TLC Entertainment.

TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) continues its spirited programming this August with the premiere of four brand new shows including Love, Lust or Run, where style guru Stacy London transforms women from "in denial" to "in style".

August also features the return of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, which is back for its fourth season and is bigger, bolder, and more bling than ever. Then, catch the brand new series The Day I Almost Died which features real life stories and footage, combined with dramatic re-enactments of near fatal accidents.

TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) also continues to follow the McGhee family, who return for the latest season of Six Little Mcghees as Ohio’s first sextuplets get taller and louder, with bigger personalities, bigger tantrums, and even bigger adventures.

Kick-starting the month with Love, Lust or Run, premiering Thursday, 6 August at 20:00, Stacy London helps women with major fashion issues turn their over-the-top looks from disaster to “Damn, girl!” Stacy shows them the impact their fashion choices are making on their day-to-day life by asking random strangers to rate their style as Love, Lust or Run. Each woman will have to strip off her hair extensions, wild clothes and outrageous makeup to start from scratch. Once they are a blank slate, Stacy will guide these women through a transformative make-under, changing each woman’s look and, just maybe, her life!

Love, Lust and Run

Don’t miss the premiere of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on Tuesday, 11 August at 20:55. Returning for its fourth season, and following some of America’s most extreme gypsy communities, lots more weddings bursting with bling are guaranteed.

The son of gypsy matriarch Nettie Stanley is getting married, but when groom Whitey asks his sister Dallas to be in the wedding, he risks her wild ways ruining everything. Later, a Roma teen is asked to host a family affair in hopes of a marriage proposal.

Then, later in the series, a Greek gypsy bride-to-be sets out to make history in the biggest blinged-out wedding dress ever made! Finally, it’s a clash among the generations when a gypsy teen’s sweet 16 party is derailed by her over-bearing traditional grandmother.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

Accidents occur without warning, but what if it was your own doing that put you into a deadly situation? Brand new series The Day I Almost Died begins on Friday, 21 August at 21:50 and combines astounding first-person accounts, dramatic recreations and real life footage to reveal that anyone, at any time, can fall victim to a fatal self-inflicted injury.

From falling off a boat and getting sucked under the motor, to shooting a nail gun through your heart, or nearly getting crushed by a big rig – each episode features three harrowing stories of people who almost succumbed to these near-fatal accidents.

In the new season of Six Little Mcghees, premiering on Wednesday, 26 August from 20:00, Columbus, Ohio's first sextuplets aren't so little anymore. Inches taller and a whole lot more vocal and active, the kids are developing their own personalities. Now that the kids are older, parents Mia and Ro need to expand the size of their home to fit their growing family.

Six Little Mcghees

Conflicts arise as the couple have to decide whether to invest in a new home, or in the ever-expanding family business, McGhee Carpet Cleaning. Balancing the challenges of raising this unforgettable brood whilst running a growing business, the McGhees prove every step of the way that love can overcome any obstacle.

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