The cast of Meet the Khumbules.

Meet The Khambules on Moja Love on DStv Channel 157 and online on DStv Now.

In May, Moja Love (DStv Channel 157) brings you a brand new series, Meet the Khambules. You can also watch the show on DStv Now (for Android and iOS).

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Moja Love launching on DStv

Every story has heart on Moja Love

In Meet the Khambules, Mrs. Khambule is hell bent in making sure her daughter gets hitched by all means necessary. She strongly believes that a woman without a husband is like a vase without flowers. When her request for finding a good man for her daughter fails, she starts looking for any man, even taking her daughter to hospitals to visit strangers and evangelise in prison.

Watch Mrs Khambule's mission in full swing, Saturday 19 May at 18:00.