The official logo for Totally Insane Guinness World Records on Discovery

A brand new series, Totally Insane Guinness World Records, is coming to Discovery Channel (121).

Don’t miss the first-time countdown of the most outrageous Guinness World Record clips in the brand new series Totally Insane Guinness World Records coming to Discovery Channel (121). Watch as this brand new series features some of the wackiest and most downright crazy attempts to rewrite the record books.

The show features the most unusual and unique talents for off-the-wall things like; the most swords swallowed at the same time, the world’s largest violin, the heaviest vehicle pulled by hair, most spins from a power drill, the heaviest weight lifted by the human tongue, and the most times a person has kissed a cobra.

From Australia, India, Japan and China to the UK, France, Spain, Germany and many more, the Guinness World Records phenomenon spans the globe. Now, Totally Insane Guinness World Records delves back into the Guinness World Records catalogue bringing together breath-taking record attempts from around the world.

Don’t miss these fresh and exciting characters in the premiere of Totally Insane Guinness World Records starting on Wednesday 9 March at 20:00 only on Discovery Channel (121).

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