The Brood en Botter contestants.

With food markets and artisanal products being all the rage these days, it seems only fair that this phenomenon should be given the TV treatment as well. If you fancy yourself a foodie, be sure to tune in to Brood en Botter, a brand-new reality show on the equally new Afrikaans channel VIA (147).

On Brood en Botter, eight teams duke it out to see their artisanal goods included among the exclusive collection of businesses on the Spice Route wine estate in Paarl. Their products range from pasta and Mexican food to tea and township cuisine but there can only be one winner. Every week the teams must tackle true-to-life entrepreneurial challenges with the guidance of presenter and super-chef Bertus Basson – and every week one team will be sent packing.

“The prize is so fantastic and we’re looking for someone who wants to turn their homemade products into a business and make it as huge as possible,” Chef Bertus explains. “We’re not looking for ordinary. There’s so much great food in the world so we’re not looking for someone who’ll present us with a burger.”

But the ultimate decision lies with Abigail Bisogno, the former managing director of the Foschini Group whose family owns and runs the Spice Route and Fairview wine estates.

The stakes are high, the pressure is on and, as of this week, four teams have already been eliminated. And with the big prize looming even closer, Chef Bertus’ advice to the contestants is this: “Never do something for the money. Make something special and eventually the money will follow.”

New episodes of Brood en Botter air Mondays at 18:00 on VIA (147).