The host of Erfkos Philicity Reeken.

On Erfkos is a new show premiering on VIA (147) on Tuesday 15 March at 16:30.

Many of us have a family dish, passed on through generations, on a crumpled recipe with amendments and changes written in the margins. On Erfkos – a brand-new show premiering on VIA (147) on Tuesday 15 March at 16:30 – actress and radio presenter Philicity Reeken is joined by professional chefs in the kitchen where they share their number-one family recipe.

But this isn’t like any cooking show you’ve seen before: A family recipe is surely doomed if the next generation isn’t planning to make it themselves. This is why the chefs have to present their dish to three aspiring little cooks, between the ages of nine and 13, to see if it will get their thumbs up and stand the test of time.

The kids are cute and the chefs are visibly nervous to see what they think. The kids will make you smile with their quirky comments and strange preferences. Have they ever even heard of a thing called bobotie?

What’s more, Erfkos is a sociable TV-show. The story of food is just as important as the end result. While Philicity and the chefs chop, stir, fry and bake, they chat about heritage and how each chef’s family put their own twist on a traditional recipe. In this way viewers will also get some excellent tips on how to do put a new twist on a traditional recipe.

Philicity, an established radio presenter and voice artist, allows her guests to take centre stage on the show. “For me it is an opportunity to hear the stories of excellent chefs and bakers. I learn so much about family and how important each person’s heritage story is,” she explains.

And the kids also have stories of their own too! They explain how they get out of eating the things they hate and what they remember best from grandma’s kitchen.

Philicity’s favourite family dish is a hearty lamb stew. “It’s actually very similar to potjieskos. You just have to make sure you add enough chilli, garlic, cumin, coriander, and chutney. It has to cook slowly until the meat falls off the bones.”

Erfkos isn’t about dishing up a perfectly neat, French plate. Rather it’s coming home to the clever banter of the kids and knowing exactly what’s for dinner because of the smell floating from the kitchen. A must-watch for lovers of family food.

New episodes of Erfkos air every Tuesday 16:30 on VIA (147).