Scientist and commentator Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Presented by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Star Talk features interviews with actors and comedians, with the aim of bringing science to the audience.

National Geographic's Star Talk premieres on DStv, tonight at 21:55.

Presented by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Star Talk takes the same format as DeGrasse Tyson’s podcast of the same name. Interviewing actors and comedians, DeGrasse Tyson’s aim is to bring science to the audience.

“My guest is someone from pop culture... And the conversation I engage in with them explores all the ways science has influenced their lives and their livelihood.

This is a blend of science, comedy and pop culture that is the trademark of Star Talk, which I think has resonated strongly with people,” he said.

Some of the guests DeGrasse Tyson has featured on his podcast include Josh Groban, Morgan Freeman, Richard Gere and Whoopi Goldberg, and in tonight’s episode of Star Talk, Trekkies are in for a special treat.

George Takei, better known as Sulu from the original Star Trek TV series and films will be featured in the episode.

DeGrasse Tyson warns that Star Talk isn’t for those who are "science snobby",  but “you’re going to learn some science, no matter what.”

DeGrasse Tyson’s interest in the universe started when he was only nine years old, when he visited the Hayden Planetarium in New York, which he now directs.

“I see kids now and I think, 'That was me'. And my parents would later buy me my first telescope, a starter telescope. Later on I would walk dogs at 50c per walk and bought myself a larger telescope.”

To see more of DeGrasse Tyson and learn about our exciting yet unknown universe, you must also tune in to National Geographic on Saturday 25 April at 20:10 for Hubble’s Cosmic Journey.

DeGrasse Tyson will narrate the special programme, which commemorates Hubble space telescope, which has been orbiting our planet for 25 years.

On the importance of Hubble, DeGrasse Tyson said: “It is the most successful scientific instrument that has ever been created by every possible measure. It has more research papers published on it and more countries who are collaborators on it. It’s an extraordinary instrument deserving of this kind of biographical reflection.”

And although DeGrasse Tyson isn’t totally convinced that alien abductions have happened, he admits that he would like to be abducted by aliens one day and already has a bunch of questions planned.

“I would ask them about their technology. I would ask them about their maths. I would ask if they have a periodic table of elements, which looks like ours. You’d ask things that have some universal structure to them. I’m not going to ask if they go to health spas!”

To hear what questions DeGrasse Tyson asks George Takei, make sure to book your seat with National Geographic on Wednesdays at 21:55 for Star Talk.