Trappist, Planets

What NASA's new planets have us thinking.

NASA stole the spotlight recently with the announcement that they've discovered of a whole bunch of new Earth-like planets! 

I’ll give you the micro-summary so you are exactly up to speed.

Huh? New Planets?


Yes! NASA’s uber cool space-hunter Spitzer Space Telescope sent info back that it had discovered a whole little solar system called Trappist-1 with a dwarf-star (like a little sun) in the centre, surrounded by at least seven Earth-sized planets.

These planets are labelled a, b, c, d, e, f and h (because the parents obviously couldn’t decide on real names yet). They are approximately 40 light years away so don’t start packing your bags yet. There is a possibility that they have water – and thus, the possibility of having life!

This got us wondering… if there really is life on these planets, is it going to be awesome, or maybe the next sequel to a horror?


Things people are going to be thinking now:

“Wow, maybe we can leave Earth and live elsewhere.”


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