An image of the cast of Isithembiso

Local entertainment heats up April.

Mzansi Magic is known for showcasing the best in local productions.

You won’t want to miss these hot new series this April:

Brand new series


Take a peek at what you can expect in Isithembiso:

A modern day reimagining of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale, Isithembiso is driven by dynamic characters such as Simi (Red Riding Hood), Banzi (the Big Bad Wolf) and Zamani (the Woodcutter) who becomes the rescuer to the damsel in distress.

See what happens when two young people move to the City of Gold in search of not just fortune, but familial ties, opportunity and education. It’s a millennial migrant story that digs deep into the lives of Mzansi youth today, their ambitions, choices and the consequences. Don’t miss Isithembiso, starting on Monday 3 April at 19:30. 

Uyang'thanda Na?

If you have a crush on someone but are afraid to face them, Uyang'thanda Na? is your show. This dating show will help you get your crush to be your bae (hopefully) by setting up the perfect place, date and words. Catch it on Tuesday 11 April at 20:00. 


Igazi returns for the second season. The first season ended with a bang as Nomarussia went to jail and Bantu reclaimed the throne. See what will happen next on Sunday 9 April at 20:00. 

Isikizi also comes back with a bang on Monday 10 April at 20:00. 

Live the dream again with Somgaga on Living the Dream with Somizi S2, starting on Thursday 13 April at 20:00. 


An original movie 

Coming on Saturday 1 April at 19:30, Sofa Silahlane is a remarkable movie produced by the young filmmakers from M-Net’s Magic in Motion Academy.

See what you can expect in Sofa Silahlane an original Mzansi Magic movie:

It’s a compelling and emotional film that tells the story of the ill-fated romance between Mojalefa and Azania whose love is cruelly cut short when a pregnant Aza dies in a car accident. What follows is a disturbing journey of real versus imagined as Mo struggles to accept that his one true love is no more.

He can still see and talk to her, and he can’t understand why he is treated as “crazy” by everyone else. Sofa Silahlane is a beautiful love story with a far-from-happily-ever-after fairytale ending.