A close up of Carla Gugino from Wayward Pines.

The latest episode of Wayward Pines on Fox pulled the shockers to the next level.

Who is going to eat all the ice-cream now?! The shock and horror of Thursday night’s episode of Wayward Pines lingers in my mind.

How many car accidents have they created over the years? Who is the ever-present person calling and giving orders? How did they furnish that house so qu​ickly? 

The questions continuously tick at me. Wayward Pines is dishing out the confusion and surprise in bucket loads on Thursdays at 21:00 on FOX (DStv channel 125).

Most shocking moment:
I was most shocked by Ethan’s son, Ben, hitting that accelerator pedal and saving his dad from the doom that was Sheriff Pope. I jumped about a mile high when suddenly from out the screencame Ben, the wrecker of sheriffs Boom!.

Most awesome moment:
For me, the most epic moment was when we heard the growls from outside the wall and suddenly Sheriff Pope was swept off. When the episode ended and I could finally relax, I was so intrigued that I even dreamt that they were supersonic ape-things, but I hope they’re cooler than that.

What I want to happen next:
I feel like no matter what I predict, the opposite will happen. With that said, I think people will start looking to Ethan and it’ll come out that more people are sane than was first thought. But I really actually want agent Kate to become the kick-ass chick she was with Ethan five weeks ago (or in Kates mind, 12 years ago!).

Don’t miss Wayward Pines! Catch the thrilling mystery on Thursdays at 21:00 on FOX (DStv channel 125).

On Wednesdays, you can tune into Tyrant at 21:00 for even more shocks on FOX.