Men in a boat with sails on the ocean

A crew drifting in the Pacific Ocean attempt to recreate one of history's greatest feats of endurance and navigation. Watch online on DStv Now.

The Ocean holds some of the world’s biggest secrets, and many who have attempted to sail the seas in search of them have not made it out alive. The waves and storms come aggressively at times, so what possibilities are there for survival on a wooden boat?

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In the new series of Mutiny: Survival of the Oceans, a crew believes they have what it takes to recreate one of history’s greatest feats of endurance and navigation. Drifting in the Pacific Ocean, they are going to attempt the 4 000-mile journey of Captain Bligh after the Mutiny on the Bounty.

With a combination of both experienced sailors and complete novices, Anthony Middleton will lead the group across the ocean in a replica 23-foot wooden boat, using Bligh’s diary as a guide and inspiration on their journey. These men will face the unpredictable weather of the Pacific Ocean and suffer the whims of sudden storms and treacherous hidden reefs. They’ll land on isolated islands in the hunt for desperately needed food, water and supplies. With everything on the line, will they be able to cooperate and ensure their survival before making landfall in Timor?

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