Rapper Lil Wayne performs as boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. walks into the ring.

Be sure not to miss all the music and action on [ED] (190).

Music fans won’t want to miss [ED]’s latest collection of documentaries, which will take viewers behind the scenes of some of the world’s best-selling artists and cultural icons of our time every Friday evening at 19:55 CAT. The Behind the Music series will premiere on [ED] (190) on Friday 12 February.

Watch a preview:

Roberto Carletti, Station Manager for [ED] says: “From now until April we will give viewers a glimpse of what it takes to top charts and wow crowds. In this collection of documentaries we’ll uncover the rise to fame for a number of global superstars, including; Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber and Beyoncé.”

Behind the Music will premiere on Friday 12 February at 19:55 CAT with Lil Wayne The Carter, a no-holds-barred documentary about Lil' Wayne’s transition from a rap icon to mainstream pop star. On Friday 19 February, the Black Eyed Peas come into focus, while on Friday 26 February Lady Gaga: On The Edge will air. It follows the story of this cultural icon as she takes the next steps towards world domination.

Be sure not to miss all the music and action on [ED] (190).