Murray Fraser spoke to DStv about the brand new Lifetime movie called Harry and Megan: A Royal Romance, see what he had to say about portraying Prince Harry.

Now without further ado meet the actor who portrays the role of Prince Harry in the must-watch new film about the fairy tale love story between a young prince who grew up under the watchful eye of the world and an American actress who grew up wanting to change the world. Watch Harry and Megan: A Royal Romance on Saturday 26 May at 20:00 on Lifetime and streaming on DStv Now.

Want to find out more about Murray Fraser on his new role as Prince Harry? We had an exclusive chat with the actor – see what he had to say below.

What attracted you to this role?

There was a lot of discussions as playing Harry comes with a lot of eyes on it, but I saw it as a great challenge, to be honest and truthful in the script I was given and see what happens!

How did you prepare for this role?

Dyed my hair ginger, then also staying in the accent for the entirety of the shoot on [and] off set and watching a lot of videos to try and get an essence of the man and help me make my decisions as an actor.

What was the pressure like to ensure you portrayed the character perfectly because they’re such a well-known couple with every detail known about them?

It does come with pressure, but with the little time we had before I removed that for myself and tried to play the scenes I was given as honestly as I could. I wanted to play it as a human being who just happens to be a prince, who happens to be ginger - then took every day as it came really.

What was your favourite scene and why?

Couple times we were dancing, I am a sucker for a good dance and music, so more [myself] enjoying it rather than as the character.

How similar are you to Prince Harry? Besides the obvious looks.

Wouldn’t say we really look like each other at all but if I could say he seems like a down-to-earth guy who is up for a laugh and I’d like to think I am too!

What was the biggest challenge about the role?

Apart from trying to pull off being a ginger... I just to try and shake off any preconceived ideas about who he is and just try and approach the work like I would for anything else.

And what do you think of the simple yet romantic way Harry proposed in the kitchen while Meghan was cooking?

Yeah, it’s nice and simplistic and endearing and says a lot about Harry as a person and why so many people love him.

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Don’t miss Harry and Megan: A Royal Romance on Saturday 26 May at 20:00 on Lifetime and streaming on DStv Now.

By Carla Boks