My Kitchen Rules South Africa episode 3.

In Sunday’s surprising My Kitchen Rules South Africa (Sundays at 18:00 on M-Net (101) episode we saw married couple Bruce and Claudia top the leader board. We suspected something was silently sizzling with their strategy and we were right. Garnering 72 out of 100 points, the pair shot up the leader board to take first place.

“We are here to deliver,” Bruce hinted at the start of the show, with Claudia by his side. “The way I see food is similar to martial arts,” and deliver they did by coming out number one. “Everything must have a balance: you have sweet and sour, hot and cold, sugar and spice!” they added.

The ambitious couple revealed that they spent three hours practicing prior to being on the show to ready themselves – commendable commitment. They definitely surprised their fellow contestants too who were convinced that they would deliver a bland and unadventurous offering. All suspicions were diminished when they revealed their starter: a prawn and pork ravioli with basil butter… and lots of chilies. Things slowly started heating up when everyone realised they had been wrong about the pair.

The contestants found the chilies to be a bit too much for the dishes and thought it created an overwhelming flavour. Celebrity judges David Higgs and J’Something felt that they nailed the starter – loved it actually.

Bruce and Claudia had more tricks up their sleeves with their main dish of salmon teriyaki with herbed basmati rice and edamame beans. They took the rice to the next level by turning it into an egg fried rice portion, a subtle nod to Bruce’s Chinese heritage.

What did Lani from Cardock think of the meal? “For me, the egg in the rice was just really weird… Was it supposed to be there? I’ve never had egg in rice before,” she revealed. When it came to the judges, they praised the dish even with its lacklustre plating.

To beat Liz and Leanne's score of 69 out of 100, the duo would have to blow everyone away with dessert. What was on the menu? Claudia brought out her speciality, baking to whip up a vanilla pastry cream with berries which was the cherry on top of the menu. “It looked like it came straight off a magazine cover,” Kelly raved. “It was absolutely sublime.”

When it came down to scoring, Bruce and Claudia did what they said they would: top the MKRSA leader board. Sometimes silently working on domination and surprising everyone is the sweetest way to win a round.  

Next week’s episode on Sunday 3 September at 18:00 on M-Net (101) will see mother and daughter duo Lani and Louzel’s turn to host everyone in their farmhouse in Cradock, Eastern Cape. Will three generations of recipes see them come out on top or will they crumble at the pressure?

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