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TLC is set to create even more OMG moments to end 2017 in style, with a big fat fabulous line-up of new original programming and returning fan favourites that viewers love.

Whether it’s weddings, relationships, larger-than-life characters, crazy cakes or milestone moments, TLC shares authentic, compelling stories that keep audiences coming back.  
“TLC’s success is its unique ability to showcase remarkable real-life stories and celebrate life in all its colour and complexity,” said Dilek Doyran, VP of Commercial Development and Country Manager for Africa, Discovery Networks CEEMEA.  “Our viewers relate to the ordinary people living extraordinary lives, and revel in the eccentric characters and outrageous moments. This Spring, we are committed to giving fans more of the stories, characters and genres they love, with additional new topical content that will ensure TLC continues to be one of the most engaging and talked about networks in the region.”
Heading to the altar, Say Yes To The Dress: Australia, the newest addition to the popular global franchise, will be making its debut on TLC Entertainment, as Australian Fashion Director Adam Dixon comes to the rescue of 18 new brides-to-be in their hour of need. 

Taking the dating genre to the next level, brand new series The Spouse House sees 14 singletons move into one big house and compete to choose a spouse, culminating each week with either an accepted proposal or an eviction.  The wildly popular 90 Days To Wed also returns with its second spinoff series 90 Days To Wed: Happily Ever After– are the couples living in marital bliss or on the brink of divorce?
TLC has long been the home for loveable families, and this Spring the channel will welcome back everyone’s favourite household of little people, the 7 Little Johnstons, as they share more of their life changes and challenges.  The Busbys from Surrounded By Daughters also return to TLC with their second series, following the lives of their now fifteen-month-old quintuplets who are walking and up to plenty of mischief.    
Bringing you more incredible real-life transformations and compelling weight loss stories, brand new series The Big Ward sees six morbidly obese patients as they undergo life threatening weight loss surgery.  Mama June from fan favourite Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is on a personal transformational journey of her own, as she says goodbye to her old body that’s been weighing her down, just in time for her ex Sugar Bear’s wedding in spinoff series Mama June: From Not to Hot. And meet Dr  Miami – the outrageous plastic surgeon who snapchats and posts his surgical operations online in real time. 
From the upbeat and light-hearted, to the emotional and tear jerking, new series This Is Life With Carissa Cupido follows the intimate personal journeys of families experiencing life-altering moments as they unfold in real time.  Making her TLC debut, Judge Jenkins transports viewers into the courtroom of some of the most unusual and unexpected legal cases ever broadcast. While returning favourite, My Giant Life is back with a third series, following the lives of unusually tall women who are six-foot six-inches and above and the everyday challenges they face. 
Highlights of TLC’s 2017-2018 new programming slate include:

New TLC Franchises
Say Yes to the Dress: Australia, Sunday 24 December
This six-part all new series goes behind the scenes at premier bridal salon, Brides of Sydney to uncovers the lengths these bridal consultants will go in order to make each bride completely satisfied. With the expert guidance of Say Yes to The Dress: Australia Fashion Director, Adam Dixon, eighteen brides-to-be are ready to discover their dream dress. But with their entourages in tow and no shortage of honest opinions, will they say “yes”?
90 Days to Wed: Happily Ever After, Thursday 23 November 
The most memorable couples from the series are back for a recap on how they have been navigating married life. The frenzied countdown to the altar may be behind them, but the real drama has just begun to unfold. The series revisits Pao, who enjoys her Miami life while Russ struggles in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Danielle tries to move on as Mohamed starts over, but a visitor halts his progress. Jorge reveals a secret to Anfisa, whilst Loren misses NY and her BFF, causing friction with Alexei. Plus, Chantel and Pedro deal with betraying her family. The honeymoon is well and truly over for these couples as real life sets in.
New series:

The Spouse House, Tuesday 5 December 
In a daring new love experiment, seven single men and seven single women move into a house with the intent of finding their spouse and their happily ever after.  It's the opportunity of a lifetime each person will have six roommates of the opposite sex, all attractive, employed, and above all - everyone is there for the same reason; they want to be married, culminating each week with either an accepted proposal or an eviction.
The Big Ward, Thursday 30 November 
Despite the life-saving potential of stomach-stapling surgery, some of the people who most desperately need the treatment are too obese for the procedure, even though it could be their last chance to turn their lives around. This moving observational series follows six patients as they embark on a journey to beat their out-of-control obesity. These men and women must change the habits of a lifetime, begin eating healthily and exercise in the hopes of qualifying for life-changing surgery. Will they have the strength and the determination to reach their goal weight and get the surgery they so desperately need?
Mama June: From Not to Hot, Friday 10 November 
The family from the pop culture phenomenon, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, is back! And the matriarch, Mama June is looking to get her life back in a big way! She is saying goodbye to her old life, goodbye to the men who don't treat her right and goodbye to her old body that has been weighing her down! After 11 years of drama with Alana's dad, June dragged Sugar Bear to Marriage Boot Camp. After giving him one last chance, the devastating truth of his infidelity finally set June free. She kicked her ex to the curb and moved to a new curb, into a new house in her hometown in Georgia with her kids, Alana and Pumpkin. But June's ex and father of her daughter Alana, Sugar Bear, isn't totally out of the picture and he makes a shocking announcement that sends everyone reeling.
Dr Miami, Tuesday 12 December

Dr Michael Salzhauer is Miami's most outrageous plastic surgeon. When not sending videos of liposuctions and breast implant surgery over Snapchat to his 300,000 followers, Dr Salzhauer can be found juggling impatient, needy clients and trying to prevent his young staff driving him crazy. Between his parody rap videos and new-found internet fame, this social media-savvy doctor is a long way from your typical white coat doc!
This Is Life with Carissa, Thursday 26 October
From light-hearted to heart-wrenching, this four-part series presented by TLC’s very own Next Great Presenter winner Carissa Cupido, follows the personal journeys of families about to experience an extraordinary circumstance, uncensored as they happen. Incredible stories from the series include a young couple giving their family and friends a stunning surprise on their wedding day, and a long lost family member seeks out a relative. A professional baseball player shares big news; a blind mother gets the chance to see her children for the very first time; a deaf mother hopes to hear her kids say ‘I love you’ for the first time; and a family faces the man who took the lives of their loved ones. This dramatic series goes inside the lives of these families to not only deliver life-changing moments as they unfold, but also to share how they arrived at these seminal moments in their lives.
Judge Jenkins, Monday 4 December

A court show for a new generation, Judge Jenkins takes viewers into the real life hearings of some of the most intriguing and unusual cases ever brought to TV.  Presiding over the court is Judge Faith Jenkins, a no-nonsense leader who isn't afraid to say exactly what's on her mind.  This isn't your grandmother's court show.
New returning series:

7 Little Johnstons, Wednesday 8 November 
In some ways the Johnstons are an average American family, pursuing the American dream, living and working in rural Georgia. However, this is no ordinary family - they are the largest known family of little people in the world. All seven Johnstons have Achondroplasia Dwarfism, a genetic condition that affects their size. Parents Trent and Amber have a total of five kids under the age of 16: Jonah and Elizabeth as well as three adopted children, Anna from Russia, Alex from South Korea, and Emma from China. In this series return, Jonah needs his driving licence and Trent creates a mock course with mixed results. And, young Alex faces the possibility of needing life-altering brain surgery. Juggling the everyday demands of any family of seven is anything but easy, but the Johnstons are up for the challenge.
Surrounded by Daughters, Wednesday 3 January 

When Danielle and Adam Busby became the proud parents of the first set of all girl quintuplets in the U.S., they certainly had their hands full. Raising five babies: Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel, along with five-year-old big sister Blayke, proved to be no easy task. But now that the little ladies are fifteen months old and walking, life in the Busby household has become more chaotic than ever! And while Danielle and Adam are determined to make it all work, one thing's for certain: Whether it's Halloween with the quints, the babies first family vacation, Blayke starting kindergarten, or celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary amongst all the mayhem, the Busby's are getting a crash course on what it means to be OutDaughtered!
My Giant Life, Monday 13 November
Living in an average-sized world can be difficult for those who stand well over six feet. This reality series follows the lives of women who stand at six-foot six-inches and above and traces the challenges they experience every day of their lives. In these episodes, Hayley, 6’7”, and Bryan, 5’8”, have survived their first year of marriage but now must deal with potential complications in an unexpected pregnancy. Meanwhile, Coco, 6’6” and boyfriend Will, 5’10”, are happily in love, but how will he react to Coco’s desire to see other people? And, new roommates Lindsay, 6’9”, and Krista, 6’6”, attract attention while out celebrating at a local bar. From dating difficulties to simply going out in public without stares, the stories in each episode get to the heart of what it means to live life a foot taller than the average woman. 
Bizarre ER, Friday 20 October 
The new series will follow some of the most extreme and unusual casualties arriving at four hospitals across the UK: Dudley, Basingstoke, Warwick and Newport, Isle of Wight. The series will follow every step of the patients' story - from their unfortunate moment they arrive at A&E to the sympathy, surgery, stitches and suppressed laughter.
On top of this, TLC viewers can look forward to more episodes of their favourite shows such as Cake Boss, My 600-LB Life, Kate Plus 8 and Return to Amish.