Posters from five seasons of The Good Wife available on DStv Catch Up.

DStv is bringing more Box Sets to DStv Premium PVR customers with a connected Explora.

DStv Premium customers with an Internet-connected Explora have already been enjoying five full seasons of The Good Wife, thanks to DStv Catch Up.

Now, we’re bringing you even more Box Sets!

In May, DStv Catch Up will have all two previous seasons of the provocative Ray Donovan ready for you to binge on.  With Season 3 of this electrifying show coming Express from the US at 3:00 on 14 July 2015 to M-Net Edge channel 102, you’ll want make sure that you’re all caught up and ready to see what this “Fixer with a twist” has up his sleeves this time around.

There’s never been a better time to get your Explora connected up to the Internet. It’s the DStv Catch Up you know and love…only better.

To find out more about connecting your DStv Explora to the Internet, visit under the “Connected Explora” section. And if you’d like to get a DStv Explora and DStv Premium package, have a look at our what’s on offer on our Explora page.