An image of DJ Mo Flava.

Radio and house DJ Mo Flava will be one of the members of the panel for the MTV Base Roundtable: Hottest Newcomers 2016 on Friday 5 February at 17:00 on MTV Base.

On the importance of these kind of conversations:

Mo Flava believes that platforms like these allow for talk about trends in the music industry and provides insight into an artist's journey. “It also helps the broader corporate world see which artists have impact or connections with various audiences.”

The various platforms he works on are important for local artists because it gives them exposure. He says that it's important to play local music not only for the audiences but also for the “artist’s development". "These people are professionals and they also need to make a living,” he adds.

On experience:

Mo has over 10 years experience in the music industry and he has seen a lot of journeys. “I have a volume of knowledge and have seen artists blow up and stay or blow up and kind of disappear,” he says.

Apart from being a house music DJ and radio jock, Mo has had access to a broader view of the music industry and valuable insight through his extensive interactions with artists and producers and while hosting a music show.

The panel:

Mo says the MTV Base Roundtable panel is a mix of legends from different music genres which is important because “South Africa has a lot of diversity”. He respects that Arthur Mafokate is one of the panellists because “he’s a legend in the music space” and has managed to stay relevant in the music industry to this day. He also acknowledges that Amu is there representing the hip-hop space because Amu knows “the fron and back-end” of hip hop having been there from the beginning.

Look out for...

Mo is excited about DJ Prince Kaybee who is known for hits like Better Days and Wajelwa. “I also like what DJ Mshega is doing in house circles at the moment,” he says. In the hip-hop world, Mo is enjoying music from the likes of Emtee and Nasty C.

Mo is currently working on a few new beats with young, upcoming producers and assures that “there will be music coming”.  


While we wait for that music, you can catch Mo Flava on MTV Base Roundtable: Hottest Newcomers 2016 on Friday 5 February at 17:00 on MTV Base.