Judges from My Kitchen Rules South Africa.

On Sunday we saw book club besties Kelly and Claire face elimination on My Kitchen Rules South Africa. The two were always the most opinionated contestants but it looks like the others will have a lot to say about the two. Easily one of the most difficult and disastrous Instant Kitchens of the season so far, the final score ended up being a total of 54 out of 100. That makes it 9 points behind Rein and Rowan – who are definitely happy to have missed elimination!

This means that Bruce and Claudia, Liz and Leanne, Lani and Louzel and Rein and Rowan are the four pairs from the first group of contestants moving into the next round of the competition.

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Starting off with confidence, Kelly and Claire prepared a classic starter dish for their “D’Lish” Instant Restaurant which has a higher difficulty level than most: steak tartare with toasted ciabatta and a rocket and parmesan salad. The starter received mixed reactions: “The idea of steak tartare is really not appetising for me,” a reluctant Bruce admitted about the prospect of eating raw meat. “I love steak tartare,” Rein raved, but noted that seasoning is vitally important in a dish that essentially involves no actual cooking.

With so many opinions this season, it wasn’t surprising the pair may have disagreed on a number of things during the night. How to plate the starter was one point of disagreement for Kelly and Claire and how to season the meat, which in the end was flavourless.  “If you’re going to do such a complex dish, you have to get the flavours correct,” a disappointed David Higgs told the hostesses. “You missed the mark completely, I’m afraid.”

Their main of duck a l’orange with sweet potato mash and steamed broccoli continued the downfall. With a combination of bad planning, timing and constant disagreement, the friends served a dish which was definitely below par leaving them in tears. “Everything just fell apart,” Kelly sadly admitted. Claire agreed: “I didn’t anticipate the enormity of this competition until it was our turn tonight, and I’m cringing at every mouthful that the judges are taking,” she revealed.

Unsurprisingly, the judges were less than impressed with the dish. “When my dish arrived, the first thing I saw was a dirty plate: there was blood on it. Everything was cold and I really struggled to enjoy my meal,” a visibly dissatisfied J’Something told the ladies. Claudia said she normally started with the positives of a dish but this round, could not find anything. The bad reviews kept coming from every team, with the exception of Lani and Louzel who managed to find some elements that they enjoyed.

 With the final course, dessert, being the possible redeeming factor of the night, we saw Kelly and Claire whip up a simple French apple tart with vanilla custard. David Higgs described the dessert as being “the best dessert of the season” but sadly it took over two hours to arrive for the guests. From Louzel nearing falling asleep to J’Something serenading the room, it was all that could be done as guests started to become bored from waiting. Unfortunately, even though the dessert was eventually a hit, it wasn’t enough to see the besties win.  

This week on My Kitchen Rules South Africa on Sunday 17 September at 17:00 on M-Net will see five brand new South African pairs of home cooks have a turn to step up to the plate and host their very own Instant Restaurants, showcasing their culinary creativity and some proudly South African ingredients along the way!

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