My kitchen rules south africa.

On Sunday’s episode of My Kitchen Rules South Africa it looked like the mother-daughter duo of Lani and Louzel narrowly missed the bottom spot on the leaderboard. It looks like their farm style feast wasn’t all too impressive with a 64 out of 100 score. Rein and Rowan remain in last place with their 63-point score.

Starting off with a lot of confidence the pair were sure their menu would go down well with their fellow contestants. “We’re going to pull out all of the stops and show them true Karoo hospitality, and bring a generation of knowledge to this competition,” Lani said ahead of their Instant Restaurant called ‘Farm 2 Feast’.

With a three-generation recipe book in their culinary arsenal, the duo had a rocky start.  Their starter of a chicken liver mousse, sesame tuile and thyme-infused olive oil did not go as planned, as the original dome settings that they’d intended to serve the mousse in collapsed.  Creativity had to strike quickly for the two who found an alternative option to plate the dish. The verdict? The dish lacked flavour.  “I must say, I’m disappointed,” judge David Higgs admitted.

 It may not have started off well, but Lani and Louzel refused to go down without a fight. Their second meal was a main:  lamb shanks on parmesan polenta with glazed vegetables and pickled courgette spaghetti. J’Something shared his thoughts, “it’s very difficult to get this wrong. It’s a real crowd-pleaser and this is home farm cooking at its very best.”

After butchering their own meat the pair meant business to improve their chances of winning. The contestants were already left hungry from their small starter and were ready to tuck in. The mother-daughter team were no stranger to the dish and their confidence meters were high that they'd be received well.  Again, however, the hearty flavours that their fellow competitors were expecting were simply not there. “The meat and the vegetables were perfectly cooked, but that’s where it begins and ends for me,” Claudia stated.

Positivity levels dwindled as Lani and Louzel attempted to see the light at the end. Soldiering on with dessert, their malva pudding domes with salted caramel centres, candied ginger and a salted caramel crumb were definitely the last options to save the day.  Luckily for them, the dish was packed full of flavours and textures which everyone found delicious. J’Something loved it so much he shared that he wanted to add it to his restaurant menu!

Thankfully with dessert, the pair managed to redeem themselves at the end of the night and managed to scrape through to avoid  being the bottom of the leaderboard.

With one more week left for the first group of contestants, can the last pair Kelly and Claire prove their worth and overtake Bruce and Claudia for the first spot? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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