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Married to baseball player, Jair Jurrjens, Kaylin is one not to miss on the latest instalment in the WAGS series franchise. The ladies are bringing the Southern charm and a whole lot of sass in the brand new series. Kaylinn takes us into her world of style, shooting for the series and what's to come for her career.

Find out more about Kaylin Jurrjens joining WAGS Atlanta below. 

Tell us about WAGS Atlanta – it’s a reality show franchise we love in a new city.

 For Southern WAGS, family is everything! The pressure is always on to be the best wife, mother, and businesswoman. The only way we can navigate through this crazy lifestyle is with the help of our girlfriends and I think you’ll see that in this series! 

What was it like finding out you’d be joining the cast? 

The best way I can describe the feeling is surreal - I really don’t think it hit me until the first day I arrived to film and realized it really was happening!

Can you give us an insight into your fellow WAGS and what we can expect to see on the show?

My fellow WAGS are BOSS LADIES! I’m so proud of all their individual journeys and how they really opened their hearts up on the show. Also... they are fun as hell! We had the best time filming together! 

We definitely want to know more about you and Jair Jurrjens – how did you two meet?

 JJ and I met almost 10 years ago going out with mutual friends in Atlanta! He actually didn’t pay very much attention to me at first because he thought his friend liked me. We were friends for a while until word of my secret crush somehow got out to him! He asked me out on a date for my 20th birthday and the rest is history.

Did it take some time to adjust to having most of your life documented on camera?

Adjusting to the cameras was surprisingly easy. I think because I grew up on stage dancing and auditioning in front of cameras it didn’t faze me! Opening up to the producers was a different story- I am usually very guarded and protective so needless to say... there were growing pains at first!

What was shooting for WAGS like – can you share any interesting behind-the-scenes stories?

Shooting for WAGS Atlanta was like getting caught in a whirlwind for 4 months! The crew that we worked with was awesome, lugging equipment and setting up in the heat of Atlanta summer is no easy task. We filmed at my house a lot so I was initially worried about my puppy Bella getting in the way of these big burley men. Little did I know she would soon have them wrapped around her finger- they were constantly petting her, picking her up and carrying her everywhere just like the princess she is!

You have a pageant background, but did you always know that you wanted to be in the entertainment industry and what else can we expect to see from you (hosting, other projects etc)?

 From a very young age I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry. From the age of 3 [to] 18 I was trained in Vagonova classical ballet and I really believe it served as an amazing foundation for everything I wanted to do. I attribute my success in pageants to my rigorous ballet training! You can expect to see more from me in the hosting arena and I also just launched my very own YouTube Channel dedicated to all things beauty! 

In between shooting, how do you like to spend your down time? 

I take my down time very seriously! I love naps and I’m usually in sweats and no makeup hanging out with family and of course, Bella! 

Can you send a message to WAGS fans in South Africa and why they shouldn’t miss the show?

South African WAGS fans shouldn’t miss the show because we are bringing the Atlanta heat! We are relatable, fun, and fabulous!

Watch WAGS Atlanta Mondays at 20:00 on E! Entertainment and streaming on DStv Now.