Presenters of Kom Ons Trou Nou.

Even though they have the same surname, look like sisters and even think like sisters when it comes to wedding and events planning, they will immediately reassure you that they aren’t.

Even though they have the same surname, look like sisters and even think like sisters, when it comes to wedding and events planning, they will immediately reassure you that they aren’t. However, Margaux van den Berg and Sunelle van den Berg were a partner-match made in heaven when they started their own events company a few years ago.

With VIA’s latest wedding show, Kom ons trou, nou! it was an easy decision to rope them in to help plan weddings in just three days without the groom even knowing he’ll be a groom in a few days.

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Based on an international format, this emotion-packed reality show gives women the chance to control the fate of their relationships. In each episode, we meet a woman who is tired of waiting for her man to pop the question and has decided to take matters into her own hands: She plans her fairy tale wedding with wedding planners Margaux and Sunelle behind her partner’s back and then surprises him in her wedding dress with a surprise proposal. If he says yes, they’ll tie the knot on the spot.

Fun facts

Name: Margaux van den Berg

Career: Co-owner of Blank Canvas Event Design

Age: 31

Hometown: Durbanville, Cape Town


Name: Sunelle van den Berg

Career: Co-owner of Blank Canvas Event Design

Age: 33

Hometown: Durbanville, Cape Town


How did you guys get involved with this program?

Sunelle: We were approached by the production house to be the experts and presenters on the show. At first we were a bit unsure to do it because it would take so much time away from our clients and business. In the end, we decided it would be a good challenge for us.

Margaux: It was a door that opened by accident for us. We saw it as an opportunity to showcase our work and what we do behind the scenes.


You plan weddings for a living but how are the weddings in the show different from what you are used to?

Margaux: The process stays the same but the difference is that we now only have three days to plan a wedding. And then of course the fact that the groom has no idea what’s waiting for him up until the day of the wedding.

Sunelle: We are more involved with the plans of our own clients’ weddings. With the program, it’s a more generic process and we follow with what the producers have in store.


How do you feel about women asking the question? Is it becoming more and more acceptable?

Margaux: It’s a big leap of faith that the women are taking but the most of them are self-assured and have been long enough in the relationship to know. For them it feels like the right decision and I think it’s becoming more acceptable for women to ask men to marry them.

Sunelle: I think the modern women takes more charge. She is self-assured and knows what she wants. This program is a platform for these women to make their dreams of a fairy tale wedding a reality. There are still women (like me) who still believe in the romantic ideal of the man going down on one knee and asking the big question, but it is not the only acceptable way of doing things.


How much time did you have to plan the weddings?

Margaux: Only three to four days.


How long before the time did you invite the guests?

Sunelle: The guests also find out about the wedding at the last minute. The bride can only invite 50 guests so it helps if they don’t know long before the time.


Did the men expect to get married on that day? What were their reactions?

Margaux: Not at all! They were knocked out of the field.

Sunelle: It makes things exciting. I think shocked is the best way to describe it.


Was there a proposal where the man didn’t want to get married?

Margaux: Up until now there hasn’t been...


Did you have any anxiety over this surprise weddings?

Margaux: One is of course scared that the groom would say no and we would have to go back to the guests to say that there wouldn’t be a wedding.

Sunelle: The thought stays in the back of your mind that they could say no.


What was nice about the experience?

Margaux: We work with an incredible team behind the scenes. It’s also nice to meet all the brides. All of them have a unique story.

Sunelle: It’s nice for us to spread our wings and meet new suppliers in new areas. It feels like we’ve broadened our horizons. The team that we’re working for is such amazing people which makes the whole experience very positive.


What was less exciting or nervewrecking?

Margaux: I think the fact that both Sunelle and I are from Cape Town and had to travel to Johannesburg for the most part, was challenging. It will always be nerve-wracking to plan an event like this in the short amount of time we have.

Sunelle: While it’s nice to spread our wings, we don’t always know the suppliers who we end up working with and we don’t know if their work will be the standard that we are used to. Up until now we’ve been pleasantly surprised.


Tune in every Thursday at 20:30 for new episodes of Kom ons trou, nou! on VIA (147).