Christi Panagio

Inspired by international female icons, these women will take on the challenge of mimicking their chosen female influencer.

Die Skatties season two is here! Starting Thursday 12 July 2018 only on VIA (DSTV channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now. 

Christi Panagio, accompanied by some of South Africa’s most influential women, takes a seat in the beauty booth! Inspired by international female icons, these women will take on the challenge of mimicking their chosen female influencer. This exciting second season has provided Christi with interesting challenges. She talks about some of the intrigues with regards to the new and improved show! 

Die Skatties is back with a new and exciting season. How does this season compare to the first?

The first season was very colourful and mainly based on the pinup era. The second season digs a little deeper. We try to focus on the influence of women from all around the world. We try and mimic their strengths and struggles, victories and successes by transforming our very own South African beauties into versions of these icons! This season celebrates diversity and the importance of the woman over the decades.

Which part of the production process did you find to be most challenging?

We had to shoot two episodes per day! This aspect made the whole process quite challenging! Luckily I got to work with an astounding team. We all worked together and produced a phenomenal final product.

Is there an iconic woman that you can relate to?

I am not sure that I am able to identify one specific woman. I look up to different women for different reasons. I admire characteristics that embody integrity, good morals and values, good mothering and honesty. I embody a good sense of humour and I value my marriage as well as my family. These are things that I value.

Are there any moments captured within the second season that you will remember?

I have to say, we had many memorable moments! Our guests had the privilege of viewing their own power and independence through our eyes. It is within these moments that the show's value is done justice.

Name the one highlight that your career as an actress and presenter has blessed you with?

As a young model and actress I was granted the privilege to travel the world.  I'll always be grateful for the international exposure that these opportunities blessed me with.

You are equipped with a beauty team that accompanies you in realising the transformations of each one of the guests. Please tell us more about this team.

The foundation of any success is based on the quality and effectiveness of the team that runs the project. Every member of our team is the best at what they do. They are so driven and passionate about their line of work. Everyone that is involved with this project is passionate about what the female symbolises in our society.

Which South African woman would you classify as your role model and why?

Thuli Madonsela impresses me greatly. She works with integrity and honour and fights for everything that is right.

Which makeover process did you most enjoy?

The females that embraced the process in full were the ones who truly embodied their given icon. Us females usually need to let go a little in order to discover our true magic.

What is next for Christi Panagio?

My husband and I are working on a very exciting project. Unfortunately it is too early to share any further information but keep your eyes on this space! I love being a mom and this job will always remain the most rewarding!

Keen to watch some South African favourites transform into iconic beauties? Die Skatties will kick off on  Thursday 12 July 2018 only on VIA (DSTV channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now.  New episodes will air on Thursdays at 18:00 with repeats on Saturdays at 14:30.